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Originally Posted by Retrograde View Post
Very nice Dennis.
Congratulations on first light with the focuser.
Thanks Pete, I appreciate your comments.

I have been used to processing CCD images with applications such as CCStack and ImagesPlus which I have found to be excellent.

However, CCDStack keeps crashing when I try to process (load) between 180 and 230 ASI1600MM (4656x3520 pixel) frames so I did a bit of reading up of PixInsight and it solved my problems.

The Batch Processing function just gobbled up 230 frames and produced a much cleaner looking result, where Nereid was very obvious, so I am now a PixInsight fanboy.

The attached files are full resolution crops from the output of PI.


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Click for full-size image (Nereid M210 0x8 ASI1600MM PI Crop 1024 A.jpg)
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Click for full-size image (Neredi-M210-0x8-ASI1600MM-PI-Proc-ABE-Inverted-ST4-Overlay-Crop-1024-FR.jpg)
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Click for full-size image (Neredi-M210-0x8-ASI1600MM-PI-Proc-ABE-Inverted-ST4-Overlay-Crop-1024-FR-Labels.jpg)
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