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Originally Posted by jjjnettie View Post
That's some very useful info, thanks.

On a night of exceptional seeing, I want the final data to be a good as possible. I would choose to eliminate any images that are sub par.
I know we can correct for gradients and such in Photoshop, but I much prefer processing to enhance than to correct.
thanks Jeanette. yes, it always seems to work out best if the data is the best possible.

Originally Posted by alistairsam View Post

what about stacking the subs with gradient and processing just to remove the gradient. Then combine with the subs without the gradient?
you could control noise to a certain extent when processing the bright subs.
That seems like a practical strategy Alistair. PixInsight attempts to grade images based on SNR (sort of) and apply weightings when stacking - I assume that this also manages brighter subs (essentially by stopping them from messing up the stack).
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