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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Although I see my style of imaging and especially my processing, as kinda artistry in a messy studio with lot's of tooing and frowing and not so technically be fair, I have also read (and listened) a bit on this subject, as well as learned from smart technical analyzers like yourself so thank you

Agree - a simple technical analysis can only be approximate and it does not account for artistic and other considerations that come from experience and are the major part of a good image. However, I think that simple rules of thumb are useful as starting points - eg before doing the analysis, I was flying completely blind on how to select subs (probably still am in most other respects)

Originally Posted by philiphart View Post
Nice one Ray. Sounds like a reasonably sensible outcome.

If for some reason there was a strong gradient in the brighter background then that might make it worth discarding. If it had a strong colour cast perhaps also, although if it's even it probably doesn't matter much.

thanks Phil. I was surprised that the sky brightness could be as high as 2x before the stack started going downhill - analysed in two different ways and got the same answer though, so am pretty sure it is right. At best it is only a starting point and we can probably get improvements using judgement (eg leaving out heavily graded images or including bright images that have extra high resolution).

regards ray
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