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I surrender........for now

I have been stacking every which way from Sunday till now, using different bayer method options and tiff conversions, even reverting to stacking JPG to try and get something out of the data I captured and I have had enough of looking at my pc grinding its progress bar up and up.....

I just dont seem to be able to get any colour out of these shots. The RAW files have heat noise and LP all over them but I can still see colour in the stars in the straight RAW shots.

No matter what I try, once I stack, its all washed out. With OR without darks. (no bias or flats taken)

So, with this in mind, I have decided to bin this lot (pun intended) and give it a rest for a while, wait until I can capture some better data at higher altitude and hopefully less LP, and start fresh with fresh eyes and hopefully a better result.

Having said that, I will post this short stack of M104 (6 minutes - 3 x 2 min subs at ISO 400) just because I havent captured a galaxy yet, or posted one....

Its really quite crap, but hey, why not. As you can see, the three stars on the right (which are quite yellow in real life) look white and the galaxy itself is almost monochrome.....but hey, I can recognise it at least.

Nothing done to it (because I dont know how to anymore) in any processing, this is simply DSS result converted to JPG and sized to 1024 x 700 something to get under 200kb. - EDIT - I think I may have played with the curves slightly in Startools and used the gradient function...I cant really remember now, Ive done it so many times Ive lost count....

Ive posted M104 as a direct comparison to Robin's version to highlight what I mean. I have also posted a JPG version of one of the RAW subs showing how much colour there really is, BEFORE I start stacking....?

Hope you arent sick when you look at it, apologies if you are

Thanks to those who offered advice and encouragement while I banged my head on the desk and had a tantrum.


p.s. I have decided to pursue a proper cooled CCD in another thread I've posted, just need to scrounge up the cash and leave this cruddy data be.
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