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The 1000d is still a good camera. I spent 2.5 years playing with mine before i "graduated". On a cold night in the country it performs very well. My issue was heat noise, when ambient temp is above 15deg you can really notice it. Things like dark/heat noise are only an issue when you have clear dark skies where noise is greater than signal. In the city with all the background light we have signal is always greater than noise.

A CLS filter or other light pollution filter will make a difference and if you dont get the EOS Clip variety it could be used on whatever you graduate to as well.

What you really need though is a night in a dark site, once you do this you wont want to do anything else. I used to image from my city back yard, but now I only test there and wait for the next new moon weekend at Wiruna (2.5hrs drive from your place).

If you dont want to drive, I am sure you can hitch a lift with Barry, he is only round the corner from you.
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