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Yes generally Canon and Nikon RAWs are supported on all packages.

Too large? tell you what, can you convert the lights to TIFF 16bit files and see how they turn out size wise for email. one image per mail? no need for darks or flats either, hell you can probably halve the dimensions too or even send as jpegs but then it become a poor comparison. If you have an online storage location you can upload just send me download links. You can pretty much work with any digital camera files for astrophotography and get good results. But to get a good comparison for you the closer to the source without altering in any way the more meaningfull the comparison should be. No stress, communicate with me via email as i wont see the forum until next week, its Le Mans this weekend and I'm hibernating but should be able to work on them tonight or tomorrow anyway. My Nikon i think is 56MP so dimension shouldnt be a problem to work with, but also may be hard to reduce filesize because so many pixels. If you have to convert the raw choose Daylight whitebalance option, that seems to give good star colours.
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