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I also had a MEADE 10" Dob.
As stated, it's called "Sonotube" & is very resilient when treated to resist ingress of moisture.
I never had any problems with it for many, many years.
The main mirror was made of "PYREX", not just the "stuff" they turn out now.
That mirror was originally worth around $900.00 to replace, or so I believe.

Even withstood being under water when the caravan park got flooded & the t'scope decided it needed to "float around" a bit.

Only thing/s that needed cleaning were all my eyepieces & filters.
No water ever got into the tube & it stayed perfectly dry inside.

Pity that I got rid of it so soon though, as I had "tuned it to perfection."
Could move it in any direction with just your little finger.

PLUS...It was always as dry as the proverbial, even on heavy dew nights when everyone elses was dripping wet.

I just wish I had the room for a larger MEADE Dobsonian scope. day?
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