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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Stefan I am truly grateful for you fixing this Wynne Corrector. Your skills as a master telescope maker should never be doubted. Attention to detail is fantastic.

Like I have said to you before if you ever want to come and give a talk at the Astronomical Society of South Australia, you have the presidents blessing. I would personally love to hear a talk about how you analyse, plan, manufacture and construct these pieces of equipment.

Once again thank you.
All true words. Stefan is amazing.

Shouldn't have been needed though. This corrector has clearly been machined by a braille operator using an old pedal operated sewing machine as a lathe. (No offence to the vision impaired who may be reading this...) Ahem...

Fair to say OOUK produces reasonably shabby equipment frequently without any adequate QC and clearly don't even care. Hope they're online under some avatar and read this. Can't see them selling much to the online community here on IIS in future.

A lottery win for Michael S with his AG12...
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