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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
The reason I use the ASI 1600MM (not the Pro cooled version) , is that the original "preferred" ASI 183MM
small pixel, medium FOV coverage....was returned to ZWO due to a "technical problem when imaging solar in Ha" they refunded and I replaced with an ASI1600 to get the smaller pixel and good ROI frame rates (similar frame rate to the ASI 183)

Someone mentioned me about ASI183, well, if you said that you prefer ASI1600 over it then i just use my camera from QHY, it is almost same as ASI1600mm exactly with very minimal differences, it is like a copy paste camera from another company, so this can be used for solar then, but i still want to know what is the place of 174 and 178 then in the whole story?
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