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Originally Posted by glend View Post
I have yet to see a design that works as well as Rowland's cold finger. Many cameras are just plain unsuitable for a proper cold finger solution, and attempts are usually a mess with only marginal effect. If you want a properly cooled dslr then pick one of the ones that can support a cold finger attached to the rear of the sensor, with a proven history of delivering sensor temps of 0C. The cameras that are most suitable are Canon 450D, 650D, 1100 etc, basically any of the ones covered in Rowland's thread. Newer DSLRs are too tightly packed and produce more heat when used for astro work. A better investment might be an ASI1600MC-C if you want OSC, ASI1600MM-C if you want mono.
Do you have a link to threads by Rowland?
Who is he?

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