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Hello cfn,

Since you wanted feedback....

I found it really really good , in accuracy as much as can be expected, in simplicity of the presented data, and in no-claim ‘just present data’ concept –had liked that from the start.

I prefer no cookies. Prefer it not to default to my location; it's really annoying esp. when I'd be observing somewhere else.

Instead I wish it would let me set multiple bookmarks of locations or displays or refinements, so that only one click would get me to location 1 of the particular display I like. Another occasion or on the same weekend, just one click would get me to location 2 etc. Then I’d make a decision.

About the ‘seeing’ I’d prefer it displayed; I don’t want to have to fiddle with overlays or anything.

Being a firm fan, I knew immediately what cfn was but others have a valid point. On the other hand it could be your way of familiarising users with cfn such that soon we’d be saying cfn and forgetting what it stands for!

Not sure how useful this would be: somewhere that shows a trend plot of the actuals? (Could be of academic interest to also see actuals vs forecasts but no matter.)

In your development for mobile devices please remember us big-screen lap-toppers (we're mobile too but), and Maccas.

THANK YOU cfn. You’re doing a great service to the astronomy community.

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