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Originally Posted by Tropo-Bob View Post
Jupiter is currently in Libra, so this constellation is rather prominent ATM...

I observed this (Globular NGC 5897 with my 8" SCT on May 14th. The haze of loose stars within the globular seemed appreciably better with a 24mm EP (85x) than with either 32mm or 16mm EPs.
I went bush last night and spent a few hour observing near Mareeba with my Vixen 140mm. A dark sky effectively adds inches to the aperture; I was in seventh heaven looking at the stars, clusters, globulars and nebulae along the Milky Way and at galaxy clusters to the north.

So not surprising, when I viewed NGC 5897, I also thought this looked impressive. It is a very loose haze of stars for a globular. It looked better using the 140mm at this location than it did with the 8" SCT from my backyard. However, using a low magnification is a key factor. It was best with the 24mm Panoptic (33x) than using 44x or 72x.
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