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Jupiter is currently in Libra, so this constellation is rather prominent ATM.

I have being trying to observe the variable, Delta. However, I have not noticed any changes, even though it variation occurs in some 2.3 days and has about a variation of about a magnitude. Last night was a wash out, but I observed it on the previous 3 evening with binoculars and intermittently on occasions before that.

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NGC 5897. A globular cluster.
A loose globular that I could see before the 6 day-old Moon set, but it appeared much better afterwards. I could see granulation with hints of resolution of individual stars using an 11mm Nangler (67x).
I observed this with my 8" SCT on May 14th. The haze of loose stars within the globular seemed appreciably better with a 24mm EP (85x) than with either 32mm or 16mm EPs.
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