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Originally Posted by Crushellon View Post
Orly? Intriguing. So say I did get a mono camera... Can I just use it without any filters for black and white photography while I save up for filters/filterwheel?
For OSC you're trading resolution and the ability to do narrowband for the convenience of capturing RGB data simultaneously. With an automated filter wheel you can get better data (in terms of both SNR and resolution) in the same time.

You can do B&W without filters, but the refractor at least will probably be performing less than is optimal that way, because the camera will capture a very wide range of light, and the refractor can bring only a subset of that range to focus which will make the images less sharp than ideal. The RC8 will be less affected due to the fact that it's got a mirror instead of lenses.

Don't get yourself a manual filter wheel if you need to be as hands off as possible, it's a waste of your money. Save the money and put that towards an automated filter wheel. Could be worth getting some of the cheap LRGB filters to play around with though.

You'll also need some software to control the filter wheel and do your image capture. I'd recommend Sequence Generator Pro. It's pretty simple to use, fairly powerful and much cheaper than the alternatives.
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