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NGC267 and others

Unfortunately this image is largely incomplete. The image contains about 10 hours of data but collection of data has been cut short. The camera STXL11002 has possibly thrown another A-D converter. It will need to go in for repair once again. Having checked inside i can confirm that corrosion has not been a problem in this instance, so the conformal coating has done the job.

However, I did get enough data to create an image of the field. There is a huge amount of Ha within the field which is presented in knots and bubbles. Interestingly OIII data is not as prevalent and show quite different detail to many of the brighter regions. If I had more time I would have also collected SII and more OIII. Though usually from experience the SMC does not contain a lot of SII as opposed to the LMC.

Click here for the larger image
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