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As promised, here's a sketch using the pastels (sorry, I can't remember whose online sketch was used as a model). It turned out better than expected and I'm glad I took a pic before spraying it with pump-style hair spray from the bathroom shelf - maybe an aerosol can would have been better, but there wasn't one there. The spray darkened the sketch and left speckle marks all over it. Oh well, lesson learned - looks ok without my reading glasses though, lol. I'll post the before and after versions.

The white pastel looks great on the black paper but I think I'll stick to using graphite on white paper for my lunar sketches - the pastel medium is just too darned messy. Not too sure how the dew would affect it either - I'm usually at the eyepiece for the better part of 2 hours when making a lunar sketch. DSOs will probably be a lot easier and neater because of the lesser amount of pastel used. I'll post one of those too, as soon as I get one done.

In the meantime, what does everyone spray on their sketches to keep the dust from smearing?
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