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Many thanks for your comments. Yes, NGC 6905 is a beauty. The brighter and darker regions give it a waisted appearance, and I was struck by its resemblance to a little M27. Here's some more:

24. NGC 2438 Pup
Beautifully located in the open cluster M46, though apparently only as a foreground object. Large and oval. There is a void in the centre and the south-eastern side is brighter than the other.

25. NGC 6309 Oph
Moderately bright. Small and mostly round, but often appears elongated. It is brighter with the OIII filter in place, which also reveals some structure. It is brighter in the middle with an area of faint outer nebulosity. There appears to be a brighter spot at its southern edge. The star to the object's north is not visible through the OIII filter.

26. NGC 6369 Oph
Although I observed this object at transit, it was only 12° above the horizon, and it was not visible without the OIII filter. Small, brightish and circular. The surface brightness looks uneven, being brighter on the north to north-west edge. Averted vision gives a suggestion of annularity, and there is an occasional hint of a central star. I would love to see this object under better skies.

27. NGC 6751 Aql
Fairly bright. Immediately visible at x83. At x450 it appears round and grey, sharply brighter in the middle where there is possibly a central star. The small star to the nebula’s east initially looked nebulous. The object is too dim to stand the OIII filter at x450. The filter made little difference in any case.

28. NGC 6781 Aql
A very odd-shaped nebula. The southern end is brighter with an almost cometary tail to the north. There is a brighter section to the south-east. Fairly large and visible without the OIII filter at x83. The OIII filter adds some detail.
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