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Is this getting a tiny bit boring now?

19. NGC 1514 Tau
Only the bright central star (m9.4) was visible without the OIII filter. With the filter, the nebula presents as a bright, circular disc, brightening towards the central star. It fades away gradually at the edges.

20. NGC 6905 Del
Very bright and very large. It is quite circular and appeared blue. A small central star comes and goes. There is a distinctly brighter patch of nebulosity in the north east. Darker regions to the sides and a brighter band across the nebula make it fascinating to look at and quite beautiful.

21. NGC 7026 Cyg
A tiny spot at x83. Clearly visible at x150 as a small disc with a brighter centre. x375 shows two bright central areas within the nebulosity, which is clearly elongated.

22. NGC 4361 Crv
Pretty bright for its altitude (16.5). Circular with a bright centre. A central star pops in and out of view. There was possibly the occasional glimpse of a ring structure.

23. NGC 2371/2 Gem
This object looks like two circular nebulae in contact. It looks like a small M76. The more southerly nebula is brighter and has a very bright centre, the other is less condensed. Brighter when seen through the OIII filter. Under very high power (x450), a dark area is visible between the two halves, with a central star (15m) in it.
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