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Thanks, Glen. To be honest, it's a pleasure to be able to share them with someone! Alright, here's the next five:

14. NGC 6818 Sgr
Very bright and easy. Visible as a small disc at x83, it actually looks like a planetary disc. The brightness is fairly even, but there is a hint of brightness at the centre. The OIII filter is not needed for this object, and adds nothing to the view.

15. NGC 246 Cet
Very large but pretty faint. Although this planetary nebula has a magnitude of 10.9, it appears very dim because of its low altitude (24 degrees at the time of observation). Three stars were seen to be involved. It appears as an oval disc, elongated roughly N-S with uncertain edges. A darker patch could be seen near the middle. The nebula was barely visible without the OIII filter, the stars were barely visible with.

16. NGC 6891 Del
Very bright, but not much more than stellar at x150. At x450 there is a very bright stellar condensation (possibly a central star) surrounded by a bright disc with fainter extended extremities, which are easily seen with averted vision.

17. IC 2149 Aur
Tiny. Elongation suspected and this was confirmed at x450. There is a bright middle with a slightly fainter periphery. No further detail was discernible.

18. IC 4593 Her
Very bright but very small. The effect of the OIII filter was marginal. Stellar at x83. Blue. The bright central disc was enhanced by faint, elongated ‘wings’ of nebulosity. A bright stellar point was seen, though this is off-centre.
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