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A Burrowing Frog

Burrowing frogs are common in Australia, varying superficially in appearance.
This one is a Spade Footed Burrowing Frog, which is found in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. This is the Marc 2 variety that lives astride the China/ Northern Vietnam border. It is unique in having two air sacs used for croaking instead of one. It is also unique in being monodirectional, meaning
that it always faces the same direction [East] when stationary. The two air
sacs render it bicroakual, so that when it sees a potential mate off to its left it croaks in Mandarin or Cantonese, depending upon where along the border it is located, and if off to the right it croaks in the local Vietnamese dialect. Oops!
that makes it tricroakual doesn't it.

P.S. Spade Footed is its proper name.
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