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Like Solar

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Monday Sun

Received my new ZWO 174MM from Bintel last week and it had it's first outing today. Fairly poor conditions as cloud moved in and nothing really happening on the Solar disc but there was a reasonable prom and a few smaller ones. What caught me by surprise (and was captured) was an faint object (perhaps a plane?) coming in from one side of the Sun and rapidly brightening as it got just above the limb then fading as it moved towards the other side, all in milliseconds, per attached 4 screen grab.

The prom image was captured at 805am this morning. The disc shortly afterwards. 500 frames captured in Sharp Cap and later stacked in Autostakkert3 with slight waveletting in Registax6. Corono4 was used to black out the Solar disc. I think I am ready now to start using a barlow/extender as well as trying some double stacking.

I would like to thank sincerely Ken (Merlin66) who has been a great mentor in my steep learning curve. He offered and spent quite some time on the phone with me this afternoon giving me a crash course in FireCapture and Autostakkert3. A highly engaging and entertaining gentleman to speak with! Thank you so very much Ken!

Anyways thanks for looking.

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