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Thanks Glen, I'll have to get in some more reading on the TS version of the 115 for peace of mind. What did you move onto since your 115 and why? Cheers.

Alex, great to hear you love your 115 from Glen. Sorry to hear of your recent troubles though. I guess the only thing I've really thought about with the 115, or any APO in this class is the weight, and given the 115 is in around 5kg, surely this would nicely suit the payload limits of the HEQ5...

The 115 is quite long, so perhaps it indicates that correctly balancing, especially so in DEC, is so critical?

Thanks Colin. How would I go placing in an ZWO filter drawer in front of the DSLR with the 115 APO? Does that go straight after the APO, or the corrector, and how would it affect the back focus length required to accurately focus? Unless the filter drawer is exactly 10mm, I haven't checked.

Admittedly, in reference to my OP, in Australia, there's also the Meade 6000 ED 115 and the Orion EON 115 in the same class as the other three APOs I've already mentioned above, but I haven't read much up on either, so I'm happy to take additional counsel.

I guess where I'm really unsure, is the difference between going a quad over any triplet, for both better CA and flat field, and is that quality going to be worth it with the Sharpstar 100Q II in comparison?

Thanks again!
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