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I am the very proud owner of Glens 115mm and say it is a great scope.

I am not too sure that the heq5 is happy carrying it however.

I first used the scope on M31 on the heq5 unguided with no problems however in the last couple of weeks I have been after M17 and find that the mount is very sensative to re balance such that I have to move the counter weights after some time as trails start to appear. Unguided but the trails suggest auto guided would not cope well..nor should it a mount should run close without guiding you don't want the auto driving it but making my view. Now this may be just a problem unrelated to the carrying capacity of the mount but last month I had no such issues with my 80mm ran unguided happily with no adjustement of counter weights.
To make it more confusing I have in the past carried my 8 inch f5 Newtonian with success.
All I suggest is to look hard for material to support or not the suitability of the heq5.
I am running unguided but you should not get the trails I am seeing and such a dramatic need to adjust counter weights..To me it suggests the scope is too much for the mount.
Maybe load up your mount with similar weight and see how it handles the weight..your cameras and a block of wood maybe.

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