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I already own the 60D, and if this camera offers refined firmware I'd be very interested to heard about it. But so far it only sounds like a filter modified alternative with the same bells and whistles. From 350D, 40D, to 60D all high ISO's have some form of noise banding that's unavoidable unless cooled or operating at low temps in dark conditions.
So far theres absolutely no definitive example of sensor improvement gains or improvements besides the hype. For similar price a 5d markII is available 2nd hand,and $500 more brand new, with much better ISO performance and noise control, not to mention better for low light conditions (see the Lovejoy images! and timelapses we've seen recently). For scope mounting, heck, if you want CCD Ha benefits a QHY9 is pretty much in the same ball park now.

My 5c. Sorry but I don't see what all the hype is all about, but very well may be proven wrong when the professional reviews surface.
Maybe I already own a CCD, 60D for terrestrial photos; and can't reason for this the mid point at that price.

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