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Ok, grim posted up pictures of his PCB from board house. They fixed:

DD5 pin 15 now same as mine;

Still confused about DR6 3.3V feed to R10. This is not an issue really, its just they powered R10 after DR6 inductor, the schematic has it powered straight from 3.3V, not thru DR6 (I have it straight from 3.3V);

They corrected PB6/PB0 via. But these not on schematic nor mine but I will place them as per his board.

Still confused on DD13 +5V LDO. They have it rotated in silkscreen wrt to it's pins. No idea why. They have pins connected ok, as is mine.

They tended to use thinner traces...I tend to oversize most of mine, especially if I had room. The rest looks correct. I'm just laying extra 0V vias between layers and doing some layer restrictions to clean up orphan planes.

I won't be able to do this RCB for a few days from now. But I'll be thinking about it.
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