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Thanks Luka..

I'd use our gerbers but it doesn't matter. There were some small issues I found with grims/faddy's layout, apart from small things like miss-naming or qty 2 R4's on base layer. The only major deviations were:

DS18B20 temp sensor is powered from 3.3V direct but the PCB had this powered from same 3.3V but after inductor DR6. Not a big issue really. This output from DR6 is also put to a pad "VDD", no reference about this on schematic, but I can do this.

VT1 schematic gate from pin 12 DD5, yet board shows this to be pin 13? Mine is put to pin 12.

DD5 pins 7 & 12 broken out to pads PB6 and PB0. Which I haven't yet done as this PB0 conflicts with VT1 gate pin from DD5. I need to look a little more closely at this.

Apart from these...just need to clean up orphans and layer restrictions. As you said, this also allows us some space for connectors etc.

Oh DD13 +5V supply was rotated wrong way..or something strange...on their board. Fixed on mine.
I can generate parts lists from Eagle PCB CAD....straight into places like digikey. As long as the parts were fully recognised.

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