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Got some new 63/37 solder, .56mm from Mektronics, on sale. I'll need to do some solder practice boards to re-learn eutectic soldering again. I generally use 64/40 due to cost.

Also got some more equipment to get my Vacuum de-solder working 100% again. This will really help de-soldering the sensors. I did some trial vac de-soldering on an old cct board...around a second per leg "bingo" all solder gone. Sony does state (with their ICX413 sensor):
"To dismount an image sensor, do not use a solder suction equipment. When using an electric desoldering tool, use a thermal controller of the zero-cross On/Off type and connect it to ground."

Which I take to mean hand vacuum solder suckers are out proper vac de-solders are ok as long as zero point power switching and earthed tip. Gary asked me about this I said vac de-soldering should be ok. Mine is a proper vacuum de-solder (...a little old) but I'll interweave all the sensor pins with conductive wire (and probably connect to earth) before I attempt de-soldering.

Funny thing about the Sony anit-fog sheet...$5 HN...much more other places! Who'd have thunk it!

I was watching fleabay for Nikons, I saw one "damaged not working" they wanted ~ $60. I wasn't brave enough. Funny enough fleabay has Nikon sensors for sale reasonably cheap.

I'm also eyeing off some DMSO to "un-stick" the sensor from the carrier. Once used I should be able to send it on to others for them to use.
Reading up Onsemi handling notes on CMOS sensor atm, AN56521. Nothing I'm not aware of though.

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