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That's exactly what I was thinking. Build one as it is and then try to improve. We will also have something to compare to.

And if we manage to put all power circuitry on one side of one of the stacked boards we can use the backplane (copper pour) of the power PCB as the EMI shield. Just trying to be cheap

Managed to pick up a broken D70 on ebay for $12 (+ $13 shipping)
Hopefully the sensor is working. No way to test it as now I have D40 (working) and D70 (broken).
(And my daytime-use D90 + cold finger & IR modded Canon 450D + IR modded 1200D. Damn I got quite a collection )

Regarding the humidity absorption, have you seen these? Usually retailing at about $25. Not that they are any better (or cheaper) than silica gel but it may be easier to mount an anti-fog sheet that a bag with small balls inside the camera
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