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I can tell you that running a ASI guide camera and an imaging camera does not cause driver issues. I run an ASI130M as a guide camera, with the ASI1600MM-C imaging camera, no dramas. ZWO quickly addressed a potential problem when the 1600 was first released, enabling two ZWO cameras to operate at the same time.

Either of these cameras can be used with Sharpcap 2.9 polar alignment tool, no issues.

If your running the guide camera through a hub, i recommend a Mbeat powered hub. I run my QHY filter wheel through it as well. If you need to extend the 1600 USB3 cable then make sure to use a powered active USB3 extension cable, and try to run it to a dedicated USB3 port on your laptop, don't try to run both the guide camera and imaging camera through the powered hub.
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