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Originally Posted by luka View Post
New driver is out, in the usual place. Version 0.7.2L. Screenshots attached.

- Fix bug where maxGain was reported as 64 instead of 63
- Modify the layout of the settings form
- Add a button to minimise the settings form
- Add a button to toggle between image info only or settings as well when camera is connected

The biggest visual change is that I have modified the window layout to look more like EQASCOM. You can minimise the window now as well.

The firmware stays the same, v.0.6L.
(there is a testing firmware version v0.7L in the same folder, ignore for now unless you have cooling issues).

Thank you Luka, i've seen that on french forum (wich is down at the moment).
I've troubles with my cam at the moment : it's really hot here in France, and i think my cam didn't like staying all day under the sun.
I'm really disapointed with that, i think i'm gonna take a little break : i'm starting too many projects at same time, can't finish any...
I'll "try to try" your driver this weekend, but it might not be very usefull as my cam gives very strange results

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