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Cameras based on this sensor are going to create a new market segment, particularly because of the sensor size and the projected pricing.


Large sensor size
Relatively low cost compared to other cameras with similar sensor size
Smaller form factor and lighter weight than other cameras with similar specs


Noisy sensor
Shallow wells
Low sensitivity beyond the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum

The disadvantages easily explain the low cost at which vendors are able to deliver this product. However, these can be partially overcome with careful integration and studious processing. Moreover, this sensor will make deep-sky work more affordable for the budget-conscious and beginner market.

This sensor has caught the attention of ONAG owners, since it allows on-axis guiding at almost full aperture (depending on the OTA) and without the need to adjust the X/Y staging to find a guide star. This benefit is in some ways offset by the lower sensitivity at this end of the spectrum (compared to the ICX825 it is > 50% less sensitive).
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