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That's great Ron, thanks for that, glad to get his approval.

Progress might be slow as its at mums and im short on cash.

I have gotten the steel for the pier, but i need to get 2 plates replaced as they were cut wrong.
I have also sorted out the electronics.

I will have a solar panel outside on a frame so its off the ground about 1m. The panel will be mounted in a way that will allow it to track the sun, a little circuit from ebay and a low rpm motor will allow tracking. I will also have the back of the frame notched with a pin so I can adjust the tracker assembly up and down to follow the approximate height of the sun.
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This array via a charger will recharge a 50-80 Ah deep cycle battery.
this will provide power to LED lighting as well as a DC-DC adapter for my eee, 12v cigarette sockets for my scope and usb hub as well as a dc regulator to step down 12v to 7.4 v to power my DSLR, the sockets will be installed in the center of the pier. I will run conduit under the concrete up the center of the pier to keep all cables hidden and away from tripping over.

I will have RED on the floor lighting (attached is what someone else did)
as well as other red lights for stuff. and maybe a bright white light setup of some sort for other purposes.. I like LED's and have 1000's
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