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Originally Posted by steve000 View Post
yep 3 pieces plus the door piece for measurements., it was so nerve wracking the entire way untlll we got off Brisbane valley highway i would watch it every bump rock side by side. it moved to the right a bit.

I did it upside down to keep under or near legal limit because pilots cost more then the truck!

unfortunately the left hand side of the top door/lid support collapsed a bit.. no big deal, 90% of it is ok, easy fix.

I gave it a good inspection this arvo, new rollers, very minimal structural, some steel bashing, the rest is cosmetic wash, paint, some patching etc.. all achievable. ohh and a new door something thick and tough maybe a dead lock or 2.

Peter, Funny you drove past it 2 days ago , strange how the world works.

Ron im sure I will have many questions

Does anyone have any pics of it when it was in operation at the astro club? i found an old website but it was empty
Hi Steve, here is a short history of the dome
Built by a friend at Morayfield about 1988.
Sold to the Sunshine Coast Astronomical Society (SCAS) about 1996
and moved to a property in Mapleton ,but never assembled
Bought by the president of the club about 1998 and assembled at Beerburrum and used for a few years .
Dismantled and moved to Kilcoy about 2005
Obtained by Jeanette a couple or so years later
And now you have it
Jeanette may want to put in some dates as well
I hope you get some good use out of it
I maybe even tempted to travel to the opening when you have it

PS No pics as it was never assembled when owned by the club.
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