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You can use IrFanView to read the exif data from Canon files:

It's free to download.

You find the camera house temperature, not sensor temperature. Canon EOS DSLR from 450D and later have this oportunity and the old Canon 5D.

Here is a good overview of the Canon cameras:

When you talking temperatures, is it Celsius or Fahrenheit?

When doing astrophotographing in Sweden where I live in Northern we have from -20 to 0 degrees Celsius, we only have dark nights in the winter.

With my Canon 6D with everything unnecessary shut down it stabilize after a half hour about 6 degrees above surrounding temperature. My older Canon 5D was about 3 degrees above surrounding temperature. If I use my Canon 6D with liveview it could increase the temperture with 20 degrees above the surrounding temperature, not good!

My Canond 6D I normally has the ISO set to 800 or 1600, but lower readout noise at higher ISO settings could sometimes be to prefer. Canon has a pre amplifier before the ADC that makes this thing to work.

See how I used it when I need many short exposures:

Can you see any difference?

Could be useful when photographing fast moving comets or if you have a bad tracking mount.

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