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My new Mt Pleasant ROR observatory

This is the continuation from previous thread.. since I abandoned the idea about geo-dome, I thought I should start a new thread to avoid confusion.
Anyway, weekend was pretty successful, all preparations are now done for "real" work.
Basically, I am going for Richmond system for hanging doors (Bunnings). Only the ROR will be obviously horizontal, riding between two 60mm channel rails.
As to pier, it will be built from concrete blocks (390x190x190 mm). Last 1.2 m will be concrete poured into cardboard tube 200mm diameter (on picture below, concrete pier is presented by black cable reel, as its height is the same (55cm).

As a safety measure, I placed temporarily a floor door on the opening for pier, so I can't fall through in the garage below (again... - while concentrating on what's up, I forgot about down... So I tested the effects Earth gravity. The test went well, except for a small bruise on my bottom).
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