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List is completed and revised

Hi all,

I have finally been able to get around to getting all of the corrections and revisions made to the list. I must apologise for the time it has taken but unfortunately my health needs to come first. I have been pretty ill the past 6 weeks, culminating in a rush trip to hospital last Tuesday at 4am. Hopefully the medics can isolate the problem, fix me and I can move forward from here.

I will be submitting a copy of the list to the Astronomical League for their consideration, for inclusion as one of their observing club lists. If they were to adopt it, the list could be used on a more formal basis by observers visiting the Southern Hemisphere and seeking a serious observing challenge.

The list is currently attached as an excel spreadsheet with targets sorted in Right Ascension (RA) order. You can re sort the list to suit your own observing goals.

Within the next couple of days I will modify and edit the list to produce an ascii file suitable for uploading as a user defined catalogue for Argo Navis.

I have removed the old file from the thread as it has a lot of superceeded data in it. If you have a copy of the old file you should probably delete it and start again with the new one. I would also like to thank Glen Cozens for helping me with one of the formulas in the spreadsheet.

John B

This list and associated files have now been incorporate into the following article:
BAM600 - John Bambury's Southern Skies Observing List

Please use the article to download the files, as you can be sure it'll always be the latest version.

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