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Thanks to Ken, Paul, Chris, Andy, Martin, Karl, Darrell, Gary, Raymo, Russell, and Markus.
Been flat out at work to even get my scope out and we're in the middle of another heatwave.
You have all given me heaps of info to digest.
First to align my polescope with my mount.
Second to align my telescope with my mount. Ive noticed there are adjustment screws on my dovetail so now to work out the best way to do it.
I think if the polescope though the mount is spot on and RA and DEC are zeroed when parked, then align my scope with the same spot in the sky as the polescope ( not that easy ) I should be close.
Then do a drift and then zero and check again and adjust the dovetail.
I do like the sound of a Polemaster but i think i need to do my 'apprenticeship' and get Drift and Darv totally under my belt.
I bought a second hand Heq5 with the PEC error already set. I still wondering if i should redo the PEC as well after i get everything square and aligned?
I leave my mount in the same place and cover it and put my scope on and off. I put some marks on the dovetail so it goes in the same place each time so when i get my mount polar aligned it should be the same every time.
Thanks for all your help, its started a bit of a debate on how to do what and whats beter etc.
After reading a bit i think its down to what works for you and how much time you have etc.
Thanks Gary for pointing out that there is no real perfect alignment so thats my excuse anyway.....
Cheers all
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