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Removing glued/siliconed primary

Hi there
I have an issue with astigmatism and I am trying to solve, but I can't free up the primary to rotate it etc and check its not a primary cell issue. Its an Orion optics UK primary, 30cm F4, in a home made wooden cell.

It is siliconed to a wooden cell in about 6 blobs. The clearance is about 1mm between the back of mirror and cell

So far I have tried cutting with blade, using braided wire as a saw, and tipping acetone all over it (as I have no vessel large enough to sit the mirror in acetone)
THe wire sort of worked, but there is barely enough space to move in behind there and I went through 7m of wire and only got maybe 20% through the silicone/glue/whatever the awful stuff is.

Any more ideas to remove it? I am out of ideas except for sawing the cell into pieces, and chiselling off

Note: Coating is pretty much done for, only care about retaining it a little bit for the purposes of re-testing the astigmatism issue, once the primary is removed from the cell and I am able to rotate it etc.

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