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Originally Posted by raymo View Post
I'm confused, there are two different Omni XLT 150s, a 150mm Newtonian
reflector which changed from a 1.25" focuser to a 2" in 2013, and a
150mm refractor which has a 2" focuser, but I think this scope was discontinued a while ago. What exactly do you have? If you have a pre 2013 Newt you can fit it with a 2" focuser.
Hi Raymo,

My scope is from 2008 and came with a 1.25“ focuser. I haven’t used this scope in a long while but would like to take some photos with it. My hope was that there is a commercial market for 1.25” coma correctors just hidden from my view. But if changing the focuser is the only way, then I might have to consider that and do some research.
Thanks anyways!

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