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Anyone for Doubles ?

As many might be aware many of the basic lists of double stars have a rather northern-hemisphere bias. So... for those keen to push the limits of their scope, here are two lists of bright doubles for the southern hemisphere selected to challenge scopes in the range 4" to 12" aperture.

The first list is pretty easy. It includes a couple of really easy ones like Acrux, but then a couple of wide pairs with huge magnitude differences that will test the contrast of your scope - Sirius and Antares. Then it drops down to a more serious challenge - pairs with separations under 5 arcseconds.

The second list is extracted from the WDS and is a much harder challenge for scopes in the range 100mm to 400mm aperture:

- separation between 0.3 to 2 arc seconds;
- stars south of +15 degrees declination;
- both components brighter than magnitude 7.5.

For these you're really going to need excellent seeing and crank up the magnification to the max - when you're seeing donuts you're getting warm.

I've sorted it by separation, if you want it in other sort orders please ask.

If you have a go please advise what you can/cannot resolve and the make/model and aperture of your scope.
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