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There is no one here in Australia that sells these eyepieces any more. The best place to buy them is through ebay:

There's a whole bunch of other eyepieces in the above search, but the TMB's all have the same appearance as those in the pictures I attached in my earlier post. The AFOV of all of these is 58, more than the plossls. These will all serve you very well.

There is one particular eyepiece that is 68 that is really good in Newtonians, and second hand is between $100 and $150, the Baader Hyperion 5mm. The Hyperion line is designed for a convex focal plane, and of the entire line, ONLY the 5mm is really good in Newtonians. If you have a refractor, SCT or Mak the entire Hyperion line is really good, but only the 5mm is great in Newtonians.

The same eyepiece as the Hyperions is the Saxon Superwide, the Celestron Duo, and the Orion Stratus. Same eyepieces, different cloak.

Other people may have other suggestions for your 8" f/6 Newt.

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