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Originally Posted by luka View Post
The PWM can interfere with the sensor reading.
Ah, that makes sense. Have you had any issues (or should I expect any) bundling the sensor cable with USB cables? They're single wire sensors, I believe so not sure how good they are at rejection.

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
I've got ferrite blocks on my USB cables [...] I'm statically charged after a few ports on a windy night and I can blue screen a laptop with my mind powers by just touching the aluminium mount leg.
Maybe I should get me some of those blocks too. BTW, I'm the same. Sometimes I think I'm like a walking EMP. :-/

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
I don't see interference from the main imaging camera but have had at times weird lines in the STi autoguider.
I'd be suprised if it were possible to have a partial or subtle degradation of the image from cable crosstalk. With checksums and what-not it's not like the analogue realm. The data isn't degraded - either makes it or it doesn't. Wouldn't interference in the serial lines then either be extremely obvious or non-existent?

Thanks for all the input, especially Rally who PM'ed me privately with a wealth of information.


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