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I like RGB/NB combos...I am NOT a fan though of pure NB. Loses all the splendour IMO (and mine alone ) and just becomes a Hockney colour drama. (wonder if Hockney ever invigilated imaging contests? )

Horses for courses.

I live and image under EXTREME LP - try living next to a domestic/international/air force airport, with 24/7 lighting, PLUS a major shopping centre/Bunnings a kilometer away...a 2 sec exposure at night with a DSLR is RED. Yet, I still plug away and let PI take away my LP woes (no filters). Not saying my images are good, just saying that RGB (OSC in my case) can and is entirely possible. Just get to know your software (took me - no joke - 5 years to come to terms with PI )

I like looking at and imaging what the - EXTENDED - eye can/could see. That is my ideal. NB is not my flavour, yet also recognise that it too respects the light (just not what the eye can typically see)
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