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Thanks Rob! lol. I don't think you want me to build yours, mine only got dodgier and dodgier as the build continued.

The cladding is James Hardie Axon which is a styled cement fibre panel. It's relatively heavy, but easy to work with.

In the dome I had ongoing issues with condensation on the optics, but I think moving to the cement fibre panelling has finally fixed that. I just checked on the optics again this morning and with a forecast of 100% relative humidity, the optics were still nice and dry.

Of course that means the inside of the observatory is warmer than the outside, which has pros and cons. Now cool down is something I need to consider. I've had relatively poor seeing since using the new observatory and now I have to wonder how much of that is due to local seeing effects cause by the panelling retaining and radiating heat. Still, I'd rather have my optics free of fungus.
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