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Don't worry about wall wrap, mine doesn't have any either. In fact it breathes better, no condensation build up between the exterior wall and the plastic. As long as you have a good exterior paint on the outside it will stop rain penetration into the cladding. A couple of things I will suggest:

- your wall should be braced diagonally, but that should have been done before the cladding went on. Some will argue that if you use something like plywood exterior cladding that bracing is not required, and if your using structural grade that is fine. Also look at getting some wall tie plates from Bunnings, just hammer them in to the top plates at the corners

- I would suggest putting some 45 degree timber braces between the walls at the top of the wall. Just short angles to brace the corners, they don't interfere with use of the observatory and can be used as roof tie down points. Since you do not have roof framing attached to the walls you need to make the top of the walls as stiff as possible.

- Consider lightweight roofing alternatives to colourbond, something like SunTuff Polycarbonate panels (easily cut and warrantied for 20 years).

- Give some thought to drainage, as your building on a slab with high ground behind the Obs.

Good luck. It seems about the same size as mine.

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