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Star Substitution Question

I could use a bit of advice please.

For the first time I've imaged a dim galaxy from a dark site. I failed to take into account that in my quest to capture the galaxy I've totally blown out all the brighter stars. When I stretch the galaxy is good but of course the stars are blown and too large. I tried masking the stretch but the result isn't great and there is no way they would have any colour. I think the only way to improve the image will be to replace the stars from a series of much shorter subs. I think if I try this after the images are stretched there will be a size disparity and I'm likely to get an unnatural looking result. Is it somehow possible to do the swap in the linear state perhaps using PixelMath and a star mask. I'm really new to the program so I could use some advice, or a completely different approach to solving the problem. I'm more familiar with CCDStack. Would substituting values likely lead to a good result?

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