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Originally Posted by barx1963 View Post
PS: And PI is not that expensive when you have $15000 of gear sitting in the back yard, a few extra $$ to get the images processed is not really a big deal IMHO

I think the real problem is people not challenging themselves enough to learn the tools they have and develope new skills to get the most from their data. I use PI primarily because it does offer so much to let me experiment and learn ways to improve my images. DSS I find too simple and frankly to me useless for anything. I do see amazing images being produced from DSS as some users have learnt to use it far beyond where my skill took me. I am seeing a lot of potential in the new APP especially for DSS users who want a simple hand holding experience but are willing to explore too, its still not there yet but its promising. The software doesn't matter, it won't magic your images for you, YOU still have to use the software and you can use PI as a simple as you want, a one click solution if you want. But it offers so very much more to those willing to learn and explore.
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