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Originally Posted by mithrandir View Post
Lee, if you want to run your logs through PHDLab you will have to edit the mount name in the logs. PHDLab can't cope with the "/" in the name. Change it to any other character - "_" is good.
Thanks for the tip! Didn't know I could actually change the name, that was just the default.

Originally Posted by Amaranthus View Post
Lee, I see from your ASCOM settings that your pulseguide rates are 0.1x sidereal! I think this may be the problem... Try changing these values to 0.5x (or more), and see if that helps.
Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
good call Barry - that would fit the symptoms
Originally Posted by Octane View Post
Yep, increase the guide rate to 0.5x sidereal.

This should improve guiding. Then, lower aggressiveness until you get a flat-ish graph.
I don't recall ever touching that setting until last night; it was already on 0.1 and when I changed it to 0.5 it resulted in an immediate, significant worsening of the symptoms... chart went off the scale so I set it back to 0.1 very quickly.

Originally Posted by Octane View Post
And, yep, anything lower than 45 degrees and you're trying to guide through turbulent crap. I have set CCD Commander to only start imaging once an object rises past 45 degrees and to cease imaging/move to next target once an object has set past 45 degrees.

Hope you get it sorted out!

Ok thanks, I'll make sure not to do that in future.
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