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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Binning is a bit like megadata. Ideally you alway use 1x1 but sometimes its time efficient to use 2x2.

2x2 is fine for non critical detail in images like O111, S11, Ha if its not full of detail or the main item in the image.

If you want the best possible image and have tons of time, clear skies, no bad weather and reliable gear then sure go for 1x1 and add up the signal to noise ratio.

Well, thats a bit sweeping, dunno about that.

For colour non res critical data your still better off, depending on sensor (as discussed) , and if your not using RGB to add to bin1 Lum, as in NB, and you are imaging in dark skies, even huge NB colour data is better in bin 2 unless you also have long, as in or more than 1hr subs.
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