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Originally Posted by Peter.M View Post
Sorry TS is the brand, and OSC is one shot colour.

The TS oag is available here. You may be able to use another OAG because you dont have the filter wheel to deal with but this was just about my only option.
Thanx Peter A nice looking slim unit actually. Ill have to research further on adaption Re; no filter wheel Cheers.

Originally Posted by Tandum View Post
You need to know distance to sensor for your OSC camera, the distance to sensor of your guide camera, the thickness of the OAG and the backfocus for your corrector. Then on paper, draw it up. The distance from the prism on OAG needs to be the same to the sensors on both the OSC and the guider plus you need the correct spacing from the OAG to the corrector.
Thanx for explaining this Robin, yep, get onto the drawing board I havent done detailed draws since calculating/measurin proportion for placement of 2dary flats to newt scopes when making my own mirrors 20yrs back Im sure drawing this to scale will be most benificial
Cheers , ,
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